What a Year

Wow…it’s our last blog of 2015 and we thought a great way to end the year would be for some our trainers to list their best achievements for 2015.


Let’s start with Jon - We’re sure most of you already know his main achievement…he didn’t half go on about it at the gym! In all seriousness though, Jon trained hard to got his goal.  Jon won three road races in 2015 - one of which was the Penticton Gran Fondo - -whoop whoop!


Moving onto Troy - he didn’t gloat as much as his buddy but he sure did well and ran a half marathon in 1:23. This qualified him into the New York Marathon and definitely made him one of the speediest male runners in Vancouver.


Chelsie - our little admin girl is actually a beast on the training floor. In 2015 she competed in her first fitness competition and qualified for Provincial Championships! You don’t want to get on the wrong side of her - the girl has some strength.


Big Al - Learnt how to Olympic lift (correctly). He also achieved some PB’s on the way - a 70kg snatch and a 90kg clean/jerk. He was then able to coach a small group in the gym to do the same.


Jos - Broadened her training regime away from just the weight room and discovered new ways of training that caused no pain to her knee - ballet became a new little passion. 


Sof - Teaching and participating in a minimum of 10 fitness classes per week and never getting bored or tired of the exercise.


As you can see each one of our achievements is different, it just goes to show that you don’t have to stick to the norm to achieve a goal;  there is no need to commit to running a race if that wouldn’t be an achievement for you. 


Take a look at the last two, both Jos and Sofie achieved some great things this year, and even though they wouldn’t be goals suited to everyone they were important to them! Remember this when setting yourself up for a healthy 2016. You don’t have to sign up to the Sun Run just because everyone else is! Head away from the norm, make your achievements personal to you, this way you will feel much more reward afterward!


Share your achievements in the comments below, we would love to hear them!


Have a Happy New Year!