Run Training: Spice up your run training program


I know many of our clients are training for various running races coming up this summer/fall, and as such I blogged about the importance of the aerobic system and of doing training sessions at a low HR. In order for your running (or cycling) to benefit from aerobic adaptations, training at a HR of roughly 180 minus your age is very important. After you have spent some time doing proper base (aerobic) training here are some runs that will push you outside your comfort zone and help with your speed and your anaerobic ability.

Continuous Hills

  • Find a hill that takes about 60 seconds to run up
  • Run hard up hill and jog back down right away
  • Try to keep recovery jog around 75 seconds (no more than 90 seconds) and relax breathing during that time

The Workout:

  • 10 minute warm up jog, and then start with
  • 12 minutes of Continuous Hills
  • *increase by 2 minutes each workout until you are at 20 minutes of Continuous Hills
  • 10 minute cool down jog

Broken Kilometer

  • On a track alternate running hard for 200 meters and running easy for 200 meters until you’ve run 1000 meters.
  • For each ‘Broken Kilometer’ you will run hard during the 1st, 3rd and 5th 200 meters and easy for the 2nd and 4th 200 meters.
  • The goal is to keep the 2/3 ratio of hard to easy running
  • If you are running 4 minute kilometers then try to maintain running 40 seconds for the hard 200 meters and 60 seconds during the easy 200 meters (a 4-minute kilometer is pretty fast you will likely look to run closer to 5-minute kilometer)


  • 10 minute warm up jog
  • 5 x 1000 meters
  • 3 minute recovery between each km
  • 10 minute cool down jog

Two stunning victories for Canada - GWA Athletes get Gold

shannon-w-gold Shannon - 3rd player from the left

At the Pan Am games this past week Canada had two great victories for gold medals.  We beat the USA in men's baseball on Tuesday and Brazil in women's soccer on Thursday.  Both teams featured GWA athletes: Mark Hardy, a left hand pitcher for the baseball team, and Shannon Woeller, a defender for the soccer team.

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