Botond Jakab


Botond is a keen student of movement quality and is always looking to help others achieve improvement in performance, health, and quality of life. His experience competing in soccer was rewarding but his passion for knowledge drew him to explore more sports, such as martial arts and gymnastics. He uses his knowledge to the benefit of his community and thrives on their success.

Bo completed his Kinesiology degree at the University of British Columbia while also working as a Personal Trainer with older adults at BodyWorks for four years, and the varsity rugby team as a Student Strength and Conditioning Coach for three years. He continues to explore acute and chronic injuries and the restoration of function as a volunteer in the UBC hospital and with the varsity football team. Additionally, he is certified in the Functional Movement Screen and in the Precision Nutrition’s coaching program.

Bo believes in educating and empowering people to pursue excellence and personal success in their lives, regardless of injury history. He excels at finding and reinforcing manageable but impactful habits that snowball into large jumps in progress.

On the weekends he enjoys picking up new sports, getting lost in the outdoors, and playing with dogs.

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