Brandon Santo


Brandon's passion for health and fitness is palpable when he is present in the gym, whether he is performing his own training regimen or training his clientele.  Having been raised in an athletic community, Brandon played sports of all kinds including hockey, volleyball, tennis, track & field. 

Brandon is certified as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA.  Understanding the importance of sound nutrition and recovery in the athletic development of individuals, Brandon dove deep into the curriculum of the Precision Nutrition program to become a certified Nutrition Coach.  Through this niche, he has enjoyed observing his clients flourish in his carefully constructed training programs to become better athletes, improve posture and movement, enhance healthy eating habits and recovery and, most importantly, to achieve optimum results.

Brandon currently embraces training athletes of all types with extra emphasis on proper movement, breathing, bracing, exemplary eating habits, and adequate rest. His number 1 goal as a trainer is to inspire. If he makes the client smile during the session and if the client feels better after the workout than before, he is happy. His passion and desire to help others ignite the energy of his training sessions. Members feed off his enthusiasm and ultimately not only receive great workout results but also immense enjoyment. When not in the gym, Brandon loves playing beach volleyball, swimming at the beach, and going for long walks.

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