Clay Mackoruk, CPT

From an early age Clayton became fascinated with physical culture. He picked up Arnold’s Modern Bodybuilding Encyclopedia as a young lad growing up in Ottawa and became obsessed with lifting weights, discovering not only how doing so could change the body’s appearance but also enhance one’s confidence and ability to take on new challenges everywhere he went and conquer them.  

Clayton ended up dedicating hundreds of hours of specific research geared toward exercise science and its practical application, and then began experimenting on himself in the gym with what he had learned. He became passionate about optimizing every single system he’d studied. He would find himself endlessly creating, tweaking, re creating workouts that he felt made the most sense and would bring the most benefit regardless of goal. He knew deep down this was more than a side hobby, so one day while pursuing a different career, and in between courses, he decided to get his personal trainer certification and work as one, just until it was time to continue on with his previously chosen career. You can guess what happened. Clayton dove headlong into his new career, and never looked back. The more people he helped achieve their goals, the more motivation it gave him to help even more. Clayton often refers to himself as an information junkie, and believes that as a trainer he is both teacher and student. He’s passionate about not only fitness, but also psychology, and as such he synergistically blends each individual’s workout routine not only what they need, but what they want. 

When Clayton isn’t nerding out on exercise science material, designing programs, or lifting himself, he’s often reading psychology literature, following his beloved Ottawa Senators hockey team, or watching a Netflix original. When he prefers something outdoors you may find at an event like the tough mudder, or at the very least, a lengthy hike in the mountains. Clayton has several long term  goals both personal and professional which he works toward every day. Some of which include visiting every country in Europe and Asia, Overhead pressing 225lbs, and helping 1000 people achieve their fitness goals and changing their lives for the bet

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