Unlimited Group Personal Training

Get FIT & have FUN with our unique training in a stimulating group setting–affordable personal training for all!


The Group Personal Training class has been the best fitness experience I’ve ever had. I’ve lost 23 pounds; never felt so strong. You guys are fantastic!
— Christine Tavares
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6:00 am "The Athlete"
GWA Total Body
  All Strength
7:00 am         GWA Total Body
9:00 am           "GWA Total Body"
12:00 pm GWA Total Body
All Strength
"H.I.I.T.& Abs"
GWA Total Body
All Strength
5:00 pm All Strength
GWA Total Body
GWA Total Body
"H.I.I.T& Abs"
6:00 pm  "H.I.I.T &Abs"
  All Strength

GWA Total Body 

Training sessions are 60 minutes long and focus on improving all aspects of your strength and conditioning.  Some areas we work on are: strength training, cardiovascular fitness, core strength, functional movement and mobility/flexibility to name a few. You will be amazed at the variety and creativity in the sessions. Oh ya, they are pretty challenging too


"H.I.I.T. & Abs"

Lots of work with little rest !  Spend 45 min pushing yourself to the limit and then experience the FINISHER of straight abs!  Great for your summer beach body (not to mention the improvements to your cardiovascular stamina, strength and endurance).

All Strength (AS)

Think of this as the ultimate fat loss through weight training only. In this group training class you will learn proper weight lifting techniques and challenge yourself. You will find strength you never knew you had!

"The Athlete"

Connect with your inner athlete.  A 60 min session with full body functional movements that we use training our pro athletes.  Intensity: Med to High.  This 60 minute training session focuses on multi directional sports and is a high intensity workout for those who possess a higher level of fitness and workout experience. All aspects of your athleticism will be challenged from your functional mobility to explosive core strength to speed and power; we will leave no stones unturned…

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Q: How do I sign up?
A: Email donny@groundworkathletics.ca to book a 15 min consultation to learn about and sign up for Unlimited GPT.

Q: How often can I train and how many classes are there?
A: As much as you want (you must reserve a spot). There are 16 classes weekly.

Q: Who runs the classes?
A: Trainers are assigned specific classes to manage and play with week over week. Find your favourite ones and attend their classes!

Q: How many people in a class?
A: Max is 10, the average is about 4-8 per class.

Q: How do I get a spot in the class or classes I want?
A: Book online using our "Member Assist" app or through our website. Email donny@groundworkathletics.ca for instructions.

Q: Can I advance book?
A: Yes, classes can be booked up to 6 months in advance.

Q: What if I don’t show up for a booked spot?
A: We need to allow others to use your spot as the max per class is 10 so please cancel with 24 hours notice via internet browser or verbally with the trainer. 

Q: How many spots are available?
A: We only offer 50 total spots for our exclusive Unlimited GPT. Those who want a spot will be put on a waitlist.

Q: What is the cost?
A: Monthly pay: $160 (+gst) 
A: Annual pay: $1595 (+gst) *savings of over $340*

Q: How do I cancel and what notice am I required to give?
A: Monthly: Written notice must be given 30 days before your payment date. You can train for the month following your final payment.
A: Annual: On your sign up anniversary with one month prior notice. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis (ex. moving away)

Q: What are classes like?
A: We have many different types but generally these aspects of fitness are covered: Cardiovascular, Resistance Training, Core Training, Balance, and Mobility & Flexibility all mixed in with the personality / style of the individual trainer running the class!!