Hugh Gleeson


Having grown up playing every sport under the sun back home in Ireland, Hugh realized that while he wasn’t as technically gifted as his peers, he more than made up for with his work-rate and high levels of fitness. At 16, he found his niche in MMA. He has since competed and coached in the sport with the aim of becoming professional in the near future.

Hughs fascination of human movement and performance grew from a re-occurring knee injury in school, and out of the rehabilitation and strengthening process grew a passion for optimizing physical performance. He transitioned straight from school into a four year  degree in Sports Science and Health, with the aim of turning his passion into his career.
During his time at University, Hugh traveled across five continents to further his knowledge and learn from leaders in the field how to apply the scientific theory of exercise to practice. After a placement with the Irish Institute of Sport working with various Irish Olympic athletes, coaches and service providers, Hugh was offered a role working with the Irish track cycling team in the lead up to the Rio 2016 Olympics. He deferred his final year of University to move to Spain for a year to the Olympic training camp, before returning to University to complete his degree last year.
In addition to working with athletes, Hugh has found that working with non-athletic populations is an extremely satisfying and rewarding process for both himself and his clients. Sharing his knowledge and passion for fitness and health with clients over the past four years, Hugh takes a vested interest in their progress inside and outside of ‘working hours’ and is always keen to meet for a coffee or go for a walk with clients both new and old.
The boost in self-confidence, increased energy levels and happiness, and the physical transformations that all come from exercise are things Hugh feels everyone should experience; young or old, fit or unfit – there is no such thing as ‘too late’ to start your fitness journey! Shred fat, build muscle, improve sporting performance or increase mobility and balance – Hugh will help you reach your goals whatever they may be!
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