Joslynn Beach

Joslynn is a Vancouverite who grew up in an incredibly active and competitive family. She learned to swim before she could walk and was skiing as soon as she found her balance. Having this passion for physical activity led to her participate in many team sports throughout her school career and years later she found inner peace in the weight room. In the gym she loves to lift heavy, while outside the gym she enjoys being with nature in every season, partaking in hiking, cycling, snowboarding, and swimming.

Joslynn is an ACE certified personal trainer who loves one-on-one and group training, and has ambition to become a certified strength and conditioning coach. Her thirst for knowledge keeps her up to date with current kinesiology- and nutrition-related research information so as to best serve her clients. She is incredibly passionate about helping others make positive life changes physically, mentally, and emotionally via her training sessions. Joslynn believes in preventative care through passing on the skills to form healthy, beneficial habits which propel clients towards their personal fitness goals.


  • 2013 CBBF 12th place Women's Physique competitor
  • 2013 BCABBA Provincial 5th place Women's Physique competitor 
  • 2010 UBC Bachelor of Science Graduate
  • Athlete: Field Hockey, Snowboarding, Soccer, Volleyball, Swimming, Javelin & Shotput

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