Kyle Marcotte


When it comes to strength and sports conditioning, Kyle is determined to prove that there are no limits, nor unattainable goals. In his efforts to fulfill his ambitious targets and help others do the same, Kyle spends time and energy in finding new and innovative ways to train and support his clients so they can accomplish the impossible.

Kyle has a natural talent for sports and games. Having played every sport under the sun, leisurely and competitively, Kyle has a keen understanding of sportsmanship and the necessary skills to achieve excellence. He possesses an acute sense of competition, which drives and pushes him toward his goals. With that said, his overall gentle nature puts him in his training clients’ good books and people love to love his attitude during his training sessions.

Kyle graduated with a Diploma of Human Kinetics – Exercise Sciences and is a member of the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. Kyle is also certified in Advanced Self-Myofacial Release Techniques.


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