Matt Roland


As an individual with a passion for strength training, Matt always knew he wanted to help others achieve their fitness goals and set them up with the tools to live a healthier life. Matt ran track and field all through grade school until grade 10 where hockey became his main focus which he played until the end of high school at an AAA level. 

After graduation, Matt went right into working in the tool and die industry where his athletic pursuits were put on hold. After 6 years in the tool and die industry, he realized that this lifestyle wasn’t the right fit for him. Matt always knew that he wanted some level of physical activity and health in his life. 

From there, he took a step in applying for post-secondary education in Health and Fitness. Matt began his studies at St. Clair College in Chatham Ontario where he graduated with a Health and Fitness Promotion diploma. Since then, Matt has worked in the Ontario and BC fitness industries as a personal trainer for just over 4 years with experience in both 1:1 training and leading group classes. However, it wasn’t until he moved out west that Matt found a new passion that would change his life forever—weightlifting. 

He is now a competitive Olympic Weightlifter with three competition wins under his belt. Today, Matt is focusing his training on becoming as strong as possible, exceeding his own expectations every time he steps into the gym. He is keen on testing methods and theories in his own training programs to truly understand the benefits and results which he can apply to his clients’ sessions. Matt believes we, as humans, are all capable of so much more than what we convince ourselves. He embraces discomfort and fear to keep growing as a person—and athlete—in hopes to become the best version of himself.


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