Mitchell Johnson

Growing up in Manchester, UK, Mitchell was never much of a sport enthusiast throughout his high-school career. But at 15 years old, when he realised how unhappy he was with his weight, his fitness journey began. Mitch started to develop his knowledge and understanding of nutrition and exercise over the next few years, working out at least four times a week consistently and keeping a keen eye on the food he was eating. This became a lifestyle. In 2015, after experimenting with different a few different types of training, Mitchell qualified as a fitness instructor and began to work at his local gym. Over the following twelve month period, he developed his knowledge even further and studied to become a personal trainer, earning his certification in 2016. After becoming a full-time personal trainer at the gym, Mitch gained his experience training a variety of people from teenagers to young adults, middle-aged to tri-athletes, and helping them to meet the goals they required. In addition to this, Mitch ran two very popular group training classes every week.

With this experience Mitch decided to start his own personal training business, M-21 Fitness, and ran it until he moved to Vancouver in May 2018. Since then, Mitch has continued to follow his extreme passion for training and nutrition. Training in Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and strength training, it is paramount to keep the body fuelled correctly. This is where Mitch's understanding of the importance of nutrition comes into play.

In his spare time, Mitch loves to take part in group events such as Tough Mudder, Total Warrior, and cycling with his team Riders for Ryders for the BC Ride To Conquer Cancer. During down-time, Mitch loves to hang out with friends and watch stand-up comedy whether on TV or live shows.

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