Personal Training

Personal training sessions at Groundwork Athletics are just that, personal. Our educated and experienced training staff will push you to limits you never thought possible, while keeping you safe and doing exercises that are appropriate for you. Each 60 minute session will inspire you to work hard. Our private training studio provides the ideal stimulating environment to make exercising fun. Whether you are new to fitness, simply looking for a change, wanting to lose weight, or are training for a specific race or event we have the right trainer for you.

I’ve been working with Jon and Troy at Groundwork Athletics for over 3 years. They have helped me to improve my general level of fitness and prepare for, and succeed in, several trail running events. Through their training and support I was able to complete 2 Knee Knackering North Shore Trail runs even though I had never run longer than 40 minutes prior to starting training. Their professional manner complements training sessions that are unique and enjoyable so that this self professed “gym hater” looks forward to training twice a week.
— Dave Barr — MBA CFA Investment Manager