Peter Kollar


Peter has always had a passion for fitness and sport. Growing up in Slovakia, an active lifestyle was engrained in him by his parents; hiking, skiing (downhill and cross-country), and biking were weekly, if not daily, family activities. Family vacations were centered around being outside at the beach where Peter and his two brothers could play in the ocean all day from dawn until dusk. Peter left home at the age of 14 to attend a football (soccer) school and made the national team as a left back. Going further in the sport was only inhibited by ankle injuries and eventually surgery. As a young adult living in the capital city of Bratislava, rollerblading was a favourite pastime of Peter’s. The paved trail along the Danube River made it easy to frequently skate the 50Km route. Also situated along the river was a beach volleyball court which made it fun and convenient for Peter to often play volleyball.

Peter graduated from University with a Master’s in Architectural Engineering and eventually moved to Canada to learn English. Coming to Vancouver, he successfully mastered the English language in a short amount of time. After working in the liquor industry and at a desk job, he felt unhealthy and decided to pursue his passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Living in Vancouver and being just steps away from the seawall has provided him with the opportunity to kayak, bike, hike, play soccer, ski, run, play volleyball, swim, and skate at any time throughout the year. Peter completed the Fitness Theory Fast Track Course, Personal Training Basic (Weight Room Instructor) Fast Track Course, and Personal Trainer Comprehensive Course through InfoFit, is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and passed the BCRPA Fitness Theory Exam. He is currently taking courses on Senior Fitness. Peter loves taking the integrated lifestyle approach and applies the functional training technique to his fitness routine, for both himself and his clients. Peter is detail oriented and likes to focus on his clients’ form while in the gym to help prevent injury and to encourage successful personal training results. He chooses to make every day a healthy day because he wants to live a long and healthy life with his family. You can usually find Peter swimming in the ocean in any season, baking a galette, or walking on the seawall with his wife and son.


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