Phil Donnelly


Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, physical exercise and sport has always been a key component in Phil's life. Phil has played a number of sports such as soccer, skiing and athletics, and now, has a well-developed love for weight-lifting.

At the age of 17, Phil was always seen to be the “smaller & skinnier” guy in the group, which led him to take his first steps into the gym to start lifting weights. He has never looked back. Phil quickly understood that with discipline, determination and consistency, the body can look and perform in any way you want it to.

Phil’s interest in fitness quickly became his passion, leading him to undertake a 4 year Honours degree in Sports Science and Nutrition. Phil also became a qualified personal trainer, TRX & kettle-bell instructor along the way. Phil’s knowledge over the past 5 years is always derived from scientific findings and research. This offers legitimate & factual information in which he can appropriately apply to a practical setting, this being in the gym or on the pitch.

Phil has experienced first-hand the benefits and positives that come with physical exercise and training. Your mood, energy levels, physical appearance, fitness and confidence are only a few of the many benefits that come with well-structured and appropriate exercise. Phil has helped clients work towards their health and fitness goals for the past 2 years and has no intention of stopping. His hunger for knowledge and client satisfaction is his number 1 goal.

Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, improve performance, or simply be able to play with your kids without pain, let’s get you started. There's no better time than now!

Phil is a friendly and chatty guy, never be afraid to ask him to go for a coffee or a walk. Trainer – client relationship is a vital component in not only reaching your goals, but enjoying the process.


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