Sam Shaw


Sam's passion for health and wellness came at an early age. Being involved in organized sport since age 6, he decided to shift his focus solely to volleyball by the time he reached High School. Since then, Sam has played nearly every level of the sport that Canada has to offer. From provincial to national team, Sam has been exposed to elite strength and conditioning trainers and worked alongside world-class athletes. His years of competitive sport are where he gained his love for fitness and what inevitably led him to pursuing a degree in Health Sciences from the University of British Columbia.
During his time at UBC, Sam gained specific interest functional movement and rehabilitation. Devoting the limited free time he had, Sam shadowed and worked alongside the varsity physiotherapist and strength coach. This experience furthered his knowledge of body and sport-specific movement, which can be seen in his workouts. While his experience lies in strength and conditioning, Sam prides himself on reaching any goal a client may have regardless of their fitness level. In the upcoming year, he plans on pursuing a Masters of Physiotherapy.


  • UBC Bachelor of Kinesiology 
  • Youth Beach National Team Athlete 2007-2009
  • Team BC Indoor Team Athlete 2006-2008
  • Team BC Beach Athlete 2006-2009
  • Western Canada Elite's Gold Medalist 2006
  • National Beach Silver Medalist 2007 & 2008
  • PacWest Provincial Champions 2012
  • CCAA National Silver Medalists 2012
  • PacWest All Rookie Team 2008
  • PacWest 1st team Allstar 2012 & 2013

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