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Growing up in Germany, Uli discovered her love for sports at a very young age participating in sports that included like volleyball, handball, gymnastics, running, swimming, skiing, squash and ballet.

Moving to Canada in 2003 offered new adventures and possibilities like kayaking, indoor rock climbing and hiking. This also led to her discovering her biggest passion in 2013, tennis.  Since starting her tennis journey as a beginner, she has gone on to play singles and doubles tennis at a competitive level, winning a silver medal in the American Masters Games in 2016.

Uli has devoted her professional career to all levels of customer service and front line management and has worked in some of Europe’s most prestigious five star hotels including the Grand Hotel, Germany and the Shelbourne Hotel, Ireland.

Uli has since qualified as an ACE Personal Trainer in Vancouver BC and has merged two of her other passions for people and for fitness.  She is committed to delivering excellence in personal training and helping her clients grow stronger both inside and out.

No matter your age, Uli will take on the journey with you towards your personal fitness goals. Wher it's to make you feel happy, confident or proud in your own skin and she will support you in every step of the way towards success.

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